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After a successful renovation and conversion of the BDO office in Eindhoven in 2003, M+R was commissioned to also renovate or develop the accommodation at other BDO locations in the Netherlands. BDO is represented at 20 locations in the Netherlands.

Concept and design for the new sustainable rehousing






BDO Accountants


M+R has developed a new and sustainable 'look & feel' manual for BDO offices in the Netherlands based on its corporate identity. The manual provides guidance on how materials and colors are used for all BDO locations; regarding interior finishes and the use of accent colors in combination with workplace environments. The basis of the office concept for BDO provides a public meeting space with a reception, meeting and presentation rooms and an open green work and lunch area. The open meeting and work space is suitable for all BDO visitors, for example, they can work or have lunch here prior to the appointment. In addition to the public spaces, the basic concept provides an innovative working environment tailored to the needs of the employees. Here is a healthy mix of quiet workplaces for individual and concentrated work to collaborative work spaces and brainstorming rooms. The workstations are located within a secure environment, so that all customer information is treated confidentially.


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