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"Offices must be inspiring; healthy, green, sustainable and timeless."
M+R interior architecture has designed the new innovative office in The Hague in collaboration with BDO. M+R designed the new future-proof building even before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic; just like the office building for the BDO Amstelveen location (completed in September 2019), the basis of the concept is a large flexible meeting space with a diversity of meeting places; meeting rooms, lunch facilities and presentation rooms.

New housing




The Hague


BDO Accountancy


New innovative office environments must offer much more space to host employees for team building; consultation and knowledge sharing. After all, concentrated work is also possible from your home workplace. The new innovative working environment of BDO The Hague therefore places the emphasis on meeting people and a number of 'work' floors have been set up in the building that provide space for flexible, on-site and concentration workplaces. A large staircase grandstand provides an open connection to the work floors. The architectural staircase grandstand is part of the meeting space and can be used for presentations by large groups.


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