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With the experiences of innovative and flexible working, M+R has designed a hybrid working environment for the new office of BDO Rotterdam in the First building on the 9th, 10th and 11th floor.

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BDO Accountants


The innovative office in Rotterdam offers space for meeting, collaborating, sharing knowledge, etc. on a total of 3 floors of office space. the 9th, 10th and 11th floors. There are many facilities for BDO's Lines of services such as scrum; presentation and meeting rooms. Various workplace concepts are a BDO app can be reserved by employees and is in line with BDO's vision that people can work at the office, at the customer or from home.

The 10th floor functions as a reception floor, in addition to the reception and a coffee bar with a 'barista', there are various seating areas where people can work and meet in an informal atmosphere. This floor is connected to a newly designed and realized void with stairs that connects the three floors. This floor also houses the meeting center and a large flexible scrum and relaxation room. In addition to these facilities, a 'mind & innovation' space has been created;
After all, it is noticeable to everyone that our lives are changing.

The dividing line between work and private life is becoming increasingly blurred, we work from home and if we want we are connected to the whole world 24 hours a day. It is therefore important that every individual carefully organizes his or her daily activities, with room for rest, relaxation, relaxation and exercise. This awareness requires companies to think about the design of the working environment. There are various places at BDO's new location that offer space for this awareness, a good example is the 'mind & innovation' room with quiet areas and the possibility of meditation.

On the two 'work' floors there is a centrally located living room with a large pantry, great coffee and tea, various seating areas, various workplaces and lots of greenery.
The number and type of workplaces have been carefully determined in collaboration with the employees in co-creation sessions so that it optimally matches the way of working, with a clear focus on collaboration and social cohesion of the various lines of services within the BDO organization. There are also concentration workplaces and quiet areas, but fewer in number because concentrated work can also be practiced from the home workplace. The look & feel and wayfinding of this location is in line with the field of work of BDO, the largest port city in Europe. The quiet areas and compartment areas are designed as sea containers in a special brass color. Special walls and floor covering designs have been designed for the meeting and meeting rooms from striking places and buildings in Rotterdam. The entire color palette varies per floor and matches the corporate identity of the company.


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