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design of a representative office for Belvedair

concept and design representative working environment Belvedair







working environment Belvedair Eindhoven Airport

Belvedair Eindhoven Airport office
M+R designed a new office space for Belvedair in the main building of Eindhoven Airport. The office space is transparent through the use of glass partition walls. The total concept is based on transparency, openness, soothing and sustainable features. The wooden furniture is made of reclaimed 'barn'wood as well as the reused carpets, the floors are made of a concrete look coating. To create an intimate atmosphere, M+R designed a special meeting and seating environment like a cocoon called 'Mashlisj'.
Part of Belvedair's hospitality concept has been translated into the pantry with integrated special refrigerators (positioned as the M+R logo) and the espresso machine. The entire concept forms the basis for the new design approach of Belvedair Food & Beverage concepts at Eindhoven Airport.


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