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M+R designs new library for international school Brunssum

concept and design new library for the international school






Afnorth international school

concept and design new library

Libraries have always played an important role in providing information and promoting reading pleasure. Even in the digital age, their function remains essential, especially for young people. The new design of the library at the international school in Brunssum, created by M+R interior architecture, reflects this lasting value and adapts to current needs.

A library is more than a collection of books. It is a dynamic environment where students can explore literature, gain new ideas and develop critical thinking skills. Reading books not only improves language skills, but also stimulates imagination and creativity. For young people, these experiences are essential for their intellectual and emotional growth.

During the redesign, we focused on creating an inviting and vibrant space. The new library is intended as a place where students can learn, collaborate and develop further. We have ensured that the space is inspiring, healthy and safe, so that young students feel at home.

In an age full of digital distractions, it is important to promote a love of books. A well-designed library can ignite a passion for reading, help students develop skills needed in the modern world and create a sense of community. The international school in Brunssum recognizes that a well-designed library contributes to education and personal growth.

Our design aims to make the library a focal point for activity and learning, where every student feels motivated and inspired to explore the world of knowledge that books provide.


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