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For the design of the business lounge we were inspired by the waves in Chagall's life, his stay in Russia; France and the US and even more the artistic achievements; the wave movements are expressed through the use of the Volga River as a metaphor. The fluid movement of the watershed has defined the islands with seating areas and the walls are made up of geological layers created by the wear and tear of the water flowing through the river. Started by the source, the fountain at the entrance. The islands are raised floors so that visitors have a good overview of the lounge 'the visitor is on stage'.

Concept and design of the Business Lounge | new Terminal C - International Flights






Sheremetyevo Airport


M+R interior architecture won the assignment for the lounge design after an international competition. The lounge is approximately 1,900 square meters in size, has a capacity of 385 seats and is located in the new extension of Terminal C at Sheremetyevo Moscow International Airport. The walls are randomly shaped and undulate through the space, each layer has its own color and structure. The layers are accentuated with indirect light lines for a dramatic effect. The architectural columns show images of paintings by Chagall, executed in glass mosaic. The lounge is visually divided with three accent colors from paintings by Chagall and also translated into the upholstery of the furniture. Behind the reception is a large stained glass wall that is indirectly lit based on the work of Chagall with adjustable glass parts.

The lighting concept with indirect LED lighting accentuates the ceiling islands with their layers. The floor covering is made of sustainable cradle to cradle materials. The specially shaped sofas with high backrests made of padded fabric provide intimacy and acoustic quality. A green plant wall and the fountain create a natural atmosphere. The lounge has a serene appearance with subdued lighting and colors that contribute to the feeling of peace and relaxation, with highlights such as the impressive glass mosaic walls in the toilets and showers. The reception and fountain are made of solid white marble and brass details. The lighting concept was designed by M+R.


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