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HERE is a company co-owned by three German car manufacturers: Audi, BMW and Daimler. HERE is a versatile company in providing mapping data, technologies and services to the automotive industry, consumer market and business.
“HERE Technologies, is an Open Location Platform Company, enables people, companies and cities to harness the power of location. By educating the world through the lens of location, they can help their customers achieve better results. From helping a city manage infrastructure or optimize a business to helping employees drive safely to their destinations.”

Revitalization, sustainability and redesign with an innovative working environment






HERE Technologies


In July 2016, HERE moved to the new location in the center of Eindhoven; to the Kennedy Tower located at the central stations. After the first floors were put into use, the 11th, 12th and 13th floors were completed. The project was realized and delivered in July 2017.
M+R interior architecture has developed and designed the new innovative working environment for HERE. Each floor has a different layout due to the dominant steel column structure in the building, which varies per floor. The design has a thematic design per floor; a world region with its own color concept. This refers to HERE's core task: navigation. The basic concept for HERE is: 'office mapping from world to desk'. Each floor has photography (from above) and names of the relevant region including the GPS Coordinates. Icons have been placed here and there on the glass facades that indicate unique places in Eindhoven as a navigation system.

The Kennedy Tower has several tenants. There are no catering or restaurant facilities in the building, but these can be found in sufficient numbers in the area. M+R has developed a generic layout plan for the interior concept, for meeting; formal and informal, collaboration, sharing knowledge, brainstorming, working, relaxing, etc. The entrance on each floor has a large meeting room. The working environment is located on the glass facades. A variety of workplaces have been set up here; open workplaces, collaborative spaces, quiet areas and team spaces. Each cluster of workplaces; a maximum of 8 has its own space in the open space with half-height or high partitions, guaranteeing privacy and tranquility. The supporting functions are housed in the middle area; such as a 'communal area' for consultation, team meetings and meetings, there are special telephone rooms, meeting rooms and a service area with food & beverage facilities, printing facilities with high seats on the facade. These are suitable for working, meetings and also for lunch with a beautiful view of Eindhoven. Power supplies are included everywhere and there is a powerful wireless network. A careful climate concept has been devised and an acoustic plan has been developed; comfort class A. So that there is no inconvenience for the employees. The sound (speech) is absorbed by special acoustic wall panels made of antisonic sheet material or acoustic photo walls. Upholstered partitions with integrated whiteboards and acoustic glass curtains have been placed at various positions. The inner walls are maximally transparent and meet the highest noise requirements. The floor covering absorbs impact sound.


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