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HERE: “Throughout history, location has played a key role in the development and progress of people and societies. As a company with more than 8,000 employees all focused on the concept of location and the potential it has to radically improve the way we do business, the way we move and the way we live, we are shaping to the future by redefining what was previously known as a map. We started in 1985 with the simple goal of digitizing maps and pioneering in-car navigation systems. Over the next three decades, we as NAVTEQ and Nokia built a legacy in mapping technology. Today we create living three-dimensional maps that grow upward, breathing with layers of information and insights. And we look further. From autonomous driving to the Internet of Things, we're building the future of location technology through strategic partnerships. Together we are building open solutions for the future.”

Addition of a meeting place in the office concept






HERE Technologies


The Kennedy Tower in Eindhoven is one of HERE's main offices worldwide. M+R has designed a complete office concept for the new organization, including the look & feel and corporate design of the offices such as the color palette; wayfinding; use of photos, etc. After the location in Eindhoven was completed, M+R also signed for the head office in Amsterdam where the management is housed. HERE continues to develop and last year we were asked if we wanted to design a meeting place in the building. Together with a number of employees, we designed the contours for this space during brainstorming sessions. The space is a multifunctional and extremely flexible space that is suitable for knowledge sharing; presentations; group sessions; lunches and also for the Town hall meetings. The furniture in the room is easy to move and the layout can be adapted to different needs. The cabinets with lots of greenery are mobile and equipped with whiteboards, there is a large interactive screen and catering facilities. The floor finish is part of HERE's corporate identity.


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