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The basis of the design is that we have created an environment where the visitor feels comfortable. A comfortable environment that radiates peace and quality. It is important that one can relax and enjoy the good things in life. The lounge is designed as a soft environment, with round shapes and special dynamic lighting.

Lounge with an elegant and unique design that reflects the Mastercard identity






Sheremetyevo Airport


The visitor is central. the seats in the lounge offer privacy and a good view of the platform.
The view outside is of great importance, the lounge has a lot of glass surface that we have optimally incorporated into the design. By creating two levels, each seat has maximum view of the platform with the aircraft. Our inspiration lies mainly in Mastercard's corporate identity, the shapes, colors and materials are natural and soft, with a 'human touch'.

The design meets the wishes of travelers, is clear, speaks for itself and offers luxury and comfort. An elegant and unique design that reflects Mastercard's identity. A carefully designed space with dynamic lighting that adapts to day and night situations. The color scheme is in the basic colors Mastercard orange and red combined with plants and natural organic shapes.

The beautiful organically shaped ceiling with special dynamic lighting gives the room a sculptural appearance and emphasizes the seating areas. The sculptural glass partition wall in the entrance is based on the Mastercard logo, carefully translated into specially designed glass elements.

The materialization consists predominantly of glass; wood, wool and natural stone, materials that are durable and of high quality. A careful choice of materials so that it can withstand the test of time.

The organically shaped ceiling with height differences, the dynamic lighting in combination with the colors of Mastercard give the lounge a unique and recognizable appearance. The glass sculptural wall in the entrance; the level differences; The use of high-quality, sustainable upholstery and high-quality designer furniture makes the lounge distinctive and gives a feeling of relaxation, comfort and luxury.


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