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At the beginning of 2020, the world was shocked by a pandemic. As long as the COVID-19 virus has our society in its grip, companies are forced to allow their employees to work from home. And although social contacts are of course missed, the realization soon arises that the majority of employees also function well from home. An additional advantage is that by eliminating commuting, people have more time for other activities.

New sustainable and innovative working environment






PGB retirement fund


The corona crisis proves once again that social and societal developments not only have a major influence on our daily lives, but especially on the way we do our work. Attracting and, above all, retaining talent is currently more important and challenging than ever. It is good to know that employees attach great importance to the bond with their employer. They want to be part of a team and be proud to work for an attractive and successful company.

Blurring the dividing line between work and private life
The trend is for the dividing line between work and private life to become increasingly blurred. Thanks to the internet, email and social media, the world is our oyster. We can do our work anytime, anywhere and receive information and news 24/7. Channeling this information and interpreting it correctly is of great importance, also for companies. Because how do we protect our organization, know-how and employees? And how do we distinguish ourselves from the rest?

Freedom, autonomy, creativity
In the case of Pension Fund PGB, this distinctive character lies in, among other things, a modernized, fresh and multifunctional office. M+R interior architecture was hired for the design. The renovated building offers freedom and autonomy, but also sufficient space for creative possibilities. The generic layout, which was designed during co-creation sessions in close collaboration with the PGB employees, creates a flexible working environment that smoothly adopts changes and innovations.

Variation of workplaces
The office provides ample space for a wide range of spaces. Think of quiet rooms, team rooms, call areas, informal consultation areas and brainstorming rooms. Meetings can traditionally be held sitting, standing, onsite and online. PGB employees can also alternate between sitting and standing at the workplaces. The collaboration with the users has resulted in a building where they can work together pleasantly and smartly. The variety of workplaces ensures that there is always a place that suits the work at hand. We are therefore confident that the PGB employees will be happy to find their way to the new office once the coronavirus is under control.

Promoting the core values
Each floor is designed in one of the colors from the PGB style guide. The walls of the lift halls are fitted with photo wallpaper that depicts the core values of PGB: involved, authentic, clear and together. The ground floor of the new office is fully equipped for meeting, relaxing, brainstorming, sharing knowledge, discussing, presenting and holding meetings. To increase job satisfaction, the space is open and light and decorated with lots of greenery.

Hospitality & meetings
The left wing is furnished for reception and hospitality. There is a dining/work café that provides access to the outdoor terrace on the south side of the building. The terrace floats above the slope and is accessible via the existing opening of the escape route. The right wing is a meeting area, with various meeting, brainstorming, presentation and consultation rooms. Centrally located in this right wing is a place for informal consultation, landing and flexible working. The various modern meeting facilities, both physical and digital, are also used by affiliated business associations, companies and relations of PGB.

Open stairs
The biggest architectural change was that both atria were fitted with new open staircases by M+R. These connect the ground floor and the three floors from the open central area. A terrace has been created on each floor with informal seating areas, landing areas and a pantry. These terraces provide a natural separation between the open 'public' spaces and the workplace areas.

Reuse and modernization
It was a great honor to be able to realize an efficient, sustainable and timeless interior for Pensioenfonds PGB in the 1986 office building that remained well within budget. We have reused as much existing material as possible, such as carpeting, wooden floorboards, cable ducts, part of the interior walls, induction units and toilets. The building has been modernized by new insulating facade parts, the conversion of the existing lighting to LED technology and the connection to district heating. The building now has energy label A+. We have redesigned the outdoor area with the reuse of the existing paving and the preservation of the trees. Electric charging points have been installed, sustainable site lighting for safety and PGB signage for orientation.


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