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Theater 'de Maaspoort' will soon be a new and contemporary theater complex. During the extensive metamorphosis of the theater, all public areas, the large theater hall, the facade and the offices were renovated in the first phase. A contemporary brasserie has also been created: Pollux. The subsequent second phase will include an additional theater hall and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace on the second floor. The complete renovation and new construction of Theater de Maaspoort is expected to be operational in February 2013.

The new theater 'de Maaspoort' in Venlo | renovation, conversion and redesign






theater de Maaspoort


M+R has taken interior architecture, this important lifeline for the city of Venlo, as a source of inspiration for the renovated theater on the Maas; Where the broad stream of the Meuse..., the banks, the mooring place, the theater; the gateway to art and culture; reflection, emotion, amazement and amazement, stage of the city. The images of boulders, ships and jetties have been used as a metaphor for the interior of the renovated theater. The interior is predominantly warm white with purple accents composed of natural sustainable materials where the design is inspired by shipping, such as the bars. The movable benches are boats that are moored in the theater café and restaurant, and in the foyers there are boulders here and there that have been carried by the river. The floor is like a wooden jetty on the quay surrounded by flowing water.


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