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M+R interior architecture wins A'design silver award 2024 for transforming the Evoluon

M+R A'Design silver award winner

In the realm of architectural innovation, few projects command attention as decisively as the Evoluon in Eindhoven. This iconic structure, a gift from Philips to commemorate the city's 75th anniversary, has long been synonymous with pioneering design and technological advancement. And in the year 2024, it once again took center stage, this time as the recipient of the prestigious A'design Silver Award for the public spaces.

The journey of the Evoluon is one marked by a rich tapestry of history and reinvention. From its inception in 1966 as a beacon of scientific exploration to its transformation into a congress center and, ultimately, a museum, its story is a testament to the enduring power of architectural vision.

M+R is A'design silver award winner 2024

At the helm of its latest chapter stood M+R interior architecture, tasked with reimagining the Evoluon's public spaces. Their mission was clear: to seamlessly blend modernity with heritage, sustainability with innovation. The resulting design, aptly titled "Out of the Blue," captured the essence of the Evoluon's spirit while ushering it gracefully into the 21st century.

interior design of the Evoluon by M+R
3D birds-eye drawing of the public spaces Evoluon

Central to M+R's approach was a commitment to circular design—a philosophy that seeks to minimize waste and maximize reuse. Every element of the Evoluon's interior was carefully curated, from the furnishings by local designers to the environmentally friendly cladding adorning its surfaces. In a stroke of ingenuity, even temporary installations were imbued with a distinct blue hue, paying homage to both the building's origins and its future potential.

‘Creating sustainable architecture isn't just a choice for us, it's our fundamental commitment to shaping a better, greener future.’ M+R interior architecture

interior architecture of the Evoluon by M+R - award winning project
foyer with modular gift shop design by M+R

But it was not just the aesthetics of the Evoluon that caught the eye of the A'design panel. It was the thoughtful integration of functionality and form, the meticulous attention to detail evident in every aspect of the design. From the slender black tracks of LED lighting to the interactive settings that adapt to the building's myriad functions, every choice served a purpose, every element spoke to a broader narrative of innovation and excellence.

And so, as the Evoluon basked in the glow of its latest accolade, it stood as a symbol not just of architectural achievement, but of the limitless possibilities that await when vision meets execution. In its halls, visitors would find not just a museum, but a testament to the power of design to inspire, to provoke, and to shape the world around us. And in the legacy of the A'design Silver Award 2024, they would find a reminder that even the most storied structures are never truly complete—that the journey of evolution is one that stretches far beyond the confines of brick and mortar.

A'design silver award winning project the Evoluon by M+R
foyer Evoluon with special designed furniture: X by M+R
Evoluon furniture design by M+R
special designed terrace furniture: X by M+R


client:         Next Nature Network; Mieke Gerritzen; Joanne van der Woude;

Koert van Mensvoort; Tim Hoogesteger.

architect:                    M+R interior architecture bna bni

team:                        Hans Maréchal; Emy Liebregts; Eva Neijens; Anuschka Maréchal;

Marcel Visser.

wall paper design:   Sofia Crespo; M+R interior architecture

catering design:   M+R i.s.m. Vermaat, Rebecca Hilbers + team

signing:      Undog, Ferry van Zijderveld

projectmanager:      Epicurus; Wouter van der Schans

loose furniture:       Lensvelt; Pols Potten; Van Esch; vergadercentrum: Wilkhahn

kantoren: Boring van Lensvelt

fixed furniture:       Caelers interieurbouw

Lighting fixtures:            Delta Light; John Viveen

Installations:               Mansveld

Audio-Visual          Bazelmans AV

Flooring:                    Forbo, studio Wae

Plants:                Oogenlust

Photography:                 Herman de Winter


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