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Multi-tenant building Dorgelo - Eindhoven

During the Corona epidemic, many employees were asked to work from home; now that there are signs that we have the virus better under control, employers are keen to see employees come to the office again. The latter does not always prove to be easy, partly given the occupancy of workstations at many companies.

Of course, working from home offers many advantages; we no longer have to travel, this saves time and is also good for the environment.

The downside is that organizations, that place a high value on employees feeling connected to the company, see that working from home contributes less to team bonding. It is therefore desirable for the teambuilding that employees do find their way to the office again. In addition, the advantages of physical collaboration are that one can easily share knowledge and of course, meeting with colleagues is seen as a very positive aspect. Many companies look for ways to strengthen the 'we-feeling' and also encourage employees to be in the office at least three days a week.

For the Dorgelo building in Eindhoven, which houses several companies, M+R developed a sustainable concept and design commissioned by building owner CRA Vastgoed. This will transform the current 'impersonal' entrance into a vibrant meeting area where people can work, confer, eat and drink in an attractive ambience with natural materials and plenty of greenery. The catering concept is by Vermaat and fits seamless with the integral vision of having an inviting personal entrance that attracts the various companies and its employees.

For the concept, the entrance and mezzanine have been brought together; a new open staircase connection to the mezzanine ensures optimal use of this space, with meeting rooms that can also be used as lunch areas. A flexible interpretation for the mezzanine, which was previously only used as a passage. The layout is low-threshold, the reception is also a coffee bar and at lunchtime, the back wall is opened up so that people can get several healthy lunches and sandwiches, directly from the kitchen.

Here a sneak preview.

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