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Transformation of the Maars business premises; a sustainable renovation by M+R

M+R took up the challenge and developed a new attractive sustainable facade that fits seamlessly with Maars' corporate identity. In a world that is increasingly aware of its environmental footprint, the concept of sustainability has gone beyond just a buzzword to become a fundamental aspect of corporate identity for many companies. Maars, a renowned global leader in interior solutions, has long been committed to minimizing its environmental impact, while maintaining an unwavering focus on design quality. In this spirit, they sought out M+R to renovate their business premises in Harderwijk, and the results are nothing short of remarkable.

M+R's innovative approach to architecture and their commitment to sustainable design principles were central to this ambitious project. What was once considered an ugly building has undergone a complete transformation that not only improved its aesthetic appeal but also reduced its environmental footprint. The key to this transformation lies in the introduction of a new insulating shell, which now envelops the building like a cocoon and offers an elegant and environmentally friendly facelift. The choice of materials for the new facade of the building was crucial to meet Maars' sustainability goals.

M+R carefully selected environmentally friendly materials that not only improved the appearance of the building, but also its insulation properties. The result is a building with improved energy efficiency, lower heating and cooling costs and a smaller environmental impact. Furthermore, the new design fully embraces Maars' corporate identity, with the company's values being seamlessly integrated into the core of the building. The modern, sleek exterior now reflects the sophistication and innovation that define Maars' interior solutions. It shows how thoughtful architecture and sustainability can go hand in hand, creating spaces that not only serve their functional purpose, but also contribute to a greener and more beautiful world.

M+R's expertise and Maars' commitment to environmental awareness have not only given this structure a fresh start, but have also set a shining example for companies everywhere. This remarkable renovation confirms that beauty, functionality and sustainability can coexist harmoniously and that even the most unattractive buildings can become symbols of progress and a brighter, greener future.


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